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2 years ago

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What a weekend ! John and I rented a house from a friend ( Bernie) on a lake. We arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday. We invited a couple or friends for the weekend. These friends are swingers also had Jenny and Paul, Carrie ( a friend) and Eddie (a friend of Paul) This house is located in a large lake, but Bernie has a great crowd, completely surrounded by trees, which went from topless moment we arrived. 18to19 John and I arrived early, so we have a quick fuck before clients file. on the couch as he fucked me doggy asked John if he was ready for a party good sex. I told him I could not wait. Carrie arrived. She is a tall brunette (50 or 51) with a nice set of big tits and ass. It has a great smile and is more of a hippie than anything else. Very unconventional and absolutely no prude. they meant a shower immediately, your air conditioner in the car crapped out, and I had to wash. It took the OUTDoor shower and talked to her while she showered. I have a thrill to see and be seen. We talked about this or that, Carrie and I told him that Paul brought only friend, and get lucky! Carrie said she was hot as hell and not have sex in a month ( with ex-husband fucks her from time to 18to19 time) and was ready to party. Their openness made ​​me very hot, and I told him to stop talking, I hot. Anyway, I left her there to help unpack ohn. We have removed some beer on ice ( first things first, 18to19 eh ? ) And got the rest of things. An hour later we were waiting for the other three, who had gathered. Finally they arrived and were the presentations. Carrie had been a summer dress in anything on course when the sun is filtered through and showed the characteristics curves. Eddie was a strong guy with a ponytail shoulder widths and a beard. Very woodsmanlike. Paul and Jenny saw gRand... I was in the top of 18to19 the bikini shorts. Paul was in shorts and a golf shirt. Jenny is 18to19 dirty blond with small tits, and she has an amazing ass. Walking arm and arm 18to19 (I to tell her that she has porn ass like ), I'm Jenny on Carrie and I, to show you why. the boys have their thing. Jenny tells me on the road, said Paul, who was his superior and that Eddie and Paul were playing with her ​​boobs to take. actuall coming from the road and find a dirt 18to19 road and ended the two guys a blow job, ending with Paul to fuck in the backseat. This time, Carrie told him to leave... LOL. Carrie 's ass I shake and said "look do not worry, boys, that very soon and we,..... chicks too"... We laughed and returned to the hut. Carrie complains that even in the dress that was too hot so we took her bathing suit from her bag in front of the boys and asked, " Do not you care 18to19 if I here ?"... John says :" Forget the demand, just to stay naked baby !"... "If you want, I will," said Carrie. Carrie says, "Now... I do not want to take a look only a little disturbing factor "
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